Google Gets a Makeover

Google has decided to change its look -- with a smaller logo and links moved to the top and bottom edges of the screen of its home page.

The new streamlined version is to give a consistent look to the Google homepage across different media and products, wrote Chris Wiggins, Google's creative director for digital on the Official Google Blog. He seems to think that the new design helps focus users, works on Web or mobile and looks simple but powerful.

That's a lot to ask for a homepage that just seems to have just gotten a noticeable black bar across the top. We're not sure we like the new look, but we did appreciate the retro feel of the 1997 Google homepage. We're kind of sad it lost the exclamation point.

Google also announced it will start giving content creators bylines in its search, so users can peer at who's creating the content before clicking a link. Google hopes this helps cut down on content mills and "highlight high quality content," Sagar Kamdar, Google search product manager said.

We started noticing this earlier this week and you have to love being able to differentiate content from known reporters at the Washington Post  from unnamed authors on scraped sites.

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