Google Gives Us ANOTHER Social Network

Now that you've gotten the hang of Facebook and Twitter, and pulled yourself away from MySpace and Plurk (Plurk? What?) it's about time to learn something new - Google+.

Google+ is clearly designed to be Google's version of Facebook,  but we should all remember Google's attempt to take on Twitter, with the Buzz service. Kind of a flop.

Google+ is full of "Circles" and "Sandbars" and "Huddles" and all sorts of features, reports Mashable:

  • Design: Aesthetically, it’s all Google — minimalist with plenty of white space. Nobody is going to complain about the design, but nobody is going to cheer about it, either.
  • Usability: Google+ isn’t overwhelmed by its many features. It’s easy to navigate and its icons speak for themselves. After a few minutes of exploring, I quickly got the hang of it. The usability aspect is definitely well thought out.

More feature reviews at Mashable.

The new social network is still in beta, so only a few have actually had a chance to look at it so far.

TechCrunch and Mashable had a chance to check it out, and seem to like the service, but Twitter is a-buzz with moans and groans from others, and let's face it, if people don't like it, for whatever reason,  there's really no point, is there?

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