Google Glass Leaves Google X

Google Glass is no longer part of Google's experimental labs Google X, but will instead be overseen by Nest founder and chief executive Tony Fadell.

Fadell sold his company, home automation startup Nest, last year to Google for $3.2 billion and still runs the division which also consists of $555 million Dropcam, according to Fortune. Fadell will be head of the branch and overseeing the rollout of the $1,500 wearable computer eyewear. 

Google Glass boss Ivy Ross will not be reporting to Fadell, but Glass will stay separate from Nest. Glass is now ending its two-year Explorer program and will be selling Glass for consumers soon, although there have been reports of lessening demand. From the report, Google seemed to believe that "graduation from Google X is a positive sign and step toward commercial viability."

Some reporters say that Glass was seen as Google founder Sergey Brin's baby, so Fadell must be considered close tot he inner circle to handle the consumer rollout. We think that Fadell is must likely a great manager, or at least one that the higher-ups deem worthy, to still be running a company sold to Google a year ago, allowed a $555 million acquisition and still be given more responsibility.

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