Google Glass Uses Your Skull to Make Sound

Google's new wearable computer, Google Glass, uses the human skull to conduct sound.

The news comes from Google's documents filed with the Federal Communications Commission which shows how the computer that sits on one's nose like a pair of glasses, uses "bone conduction" to send vibrations to the inner ear and make sounds, according to The Independent. The advantage of using the skull to transmit sounds is that it allows the person to hear ambient noise, too.

The FCC published its approval for Google Glass this week, including the way it conducts sound through the human skull. Google applied for a patent last month and hopes to be selling the device to the public next year. 
Google Glass, which has been modeled frequently by Google co-founder Sergey Brin, doesn't have any earbuds, so it's not surprising that its creators had to use their creativity to make sound audible. While the "bone conduction" sounds a little odd, we feel sound vibrations everyday in our bones from someone's car pumping bass to  jackhammering construction. At least this time it's something that we want to hear.
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