Google Has 3 of Top 5 Mobile Apps

Although Facebook is the country's top mobile app, Google owns three of the of the top five mobile apps in the country.

Google's dominance doesn't end there. It also owns No. 6 and No. 7, according to comScore data published by Quartz.

The Top 10

  1. Facebook          115.4 million unique visitors
  2. YouTube            83.4 
  3. Google Play       72.2
  4. Google Search  70.2
  5. Pandora             69
  6. Google Maps      64.5
  7. Gmail                  60.3
  8. Instagram           46.6
  9. Apple Maps        42.1
  10. Yahoo Stocks    42.1

The list goes on for 25 spots, and adds eclectic apps from the Weather Channel, Yahoo Mail, iTunes,Google+ Snapchat and Netflix. One thing noticed is that Facebook also has Facebook Messenger, which is No. 12.  Google still has Google+ which is No. 16. 

Facebook's top spot is pretty solid at 115.4 million unique visitors for June over 18 years old, and significantly higher than the nearest apps. Still, we don't know how much time is spent on the app. One of the things that Quartz noted was the lack of games in the top spots, but they also lack the staying power of a Facebook or YouTube.

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