Google+ Hits 10 Million Users?

Google's two-week-old social network now has 10 million users, according to a report.

The report is from Paul Allen, the founder who has used data based on surname analysis -- namely using U.S. Census data on common surnames and applying it to Google users and reporting the findings on his Google+ page. After separating the U.S. from non-U.S. users, he came up with the 10 million number.

Google Watch called it "certainly a reliable metric" and ReadWriteWeb considers it "independent analysis" and suggests Allen's credentials as founder make him and his analysis more credible. CNN played it safe by simply calling the data "one statistical projection."

We are not that eager to jump on Allen's unverified data, especially when its based on something as odd as 150 popular surnames.  However, common sense tells us that Google's social network is likely growing exponentially -- something that can only happen in a social network's early days. We only wish there was a more credible and solid statistical projection to illustrate it.

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