Google Doodle Honors Les Paul

Google Les Paul Doodle

To honor guitar great, Les Paul on the anniversary of his birth, Google featured a play-along doodle on their search page Thursday.

Many in the NBC Bay Area newsroom declared it "Best Google Doodle Ever" as they tried there hand a composing a little diddy's.

The doodle allows users to run their mouse curser over the strings to play a song.  You can also hit the record button which will spit out a link when you're finished to share with your friends (or enemies, depending how good your song is.)

Here is our effort to play the NBC tune.

PCWorld points out, if you'd rather not stab at the stings, randomly, you can activate the keyboard controls under the strings, and use the keys from left to right to play a scale.

For the most part, this reminds me of when elephants make paintings. Most of us don't know what we're doing, but we'll call the resulting mess, a piece of art.

Some folks, however, actually managed to crank out some stuff that resembles a real song.

 First check out "Here Comes the Sun:"

We also like this rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner."

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