Google I/O Promises New Products

Google I/O, the tech titan's developers conference, is also a place for Google to unveil its new products -- including new Android wear, and Android update and likely an update to Google TV.
It's difficult to predict what will be at the conference starting Wednesday, but several sources seem to indicate that Google will be touting its Android Wear, according to the Verge. There will be new fitness bands, including LG's G Watch and the Moto 360 (and possible Samsung's new watch), and there may be an appearance by Google Fit, Google's answer to Apple's HealthKit.
There are also rumors of the new Android update, dubbed Lollipop -- or whatever it will be called -- which will be the new 4.5 or 5.0, depending on Google's engineers. However, nothing huge is expected in this incarnation, the Verge warns, so 5.0 might be coming later.
Perhaps Google TV is getting a revamp, at least now it's called Android TV to rid itself of the Google TV taint. Chromecast has done well, but it's not clear if Google will let both a Chromecast and Android TV fight it out in the market. Either way, set-top box or not, Google will likely have something updated for the big screen in your house. Google also has plans for Android@Home, be it's not clear if there will be an announcement at Google I/O, even if Nest just acquired Dropcam.
Google is also supposed to promote its automotive aspirations. Developers have been hard at work integrating Android within cars, so people are hoping to see some of the fruits of that labor including a remote system.
The maybes: Chrome OS becomes touch-oriented, Google Glass goes mainstream and Google+ gets some new features. 
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