Google Loves that I Love Steak

What do I love? Women in hiking boots. The smell of napalm in the morning. Tri-tip.

Google wants to know what you love for its new site What Do You Love (


Launched sometime in the last few hours, it works much like a regular Google search but returns a whole number of individual categories for each search. (Editor: there seems to be a "quota error" on the site right now, which makes TechCrunch's screen grab all the more important.)

So search for tri-tip and you get pictures of tri-tip. A line graph showing the popularity of tri-tip on the web. YouTube videos of people making tri-tip. Books about tri-tip (including "The Field Guide to Meat").

Of course not every category makes sense. One of the categories is patents, and indeed there is a tri-tip patent, though it's for a three legged device, not a steak.

Google has not mentioned What Do You Love on its official blog, and really there's no reason to. It's pretty self explanatory.

As for women in hiking boots, well ...

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