Google Now Lets You Switch Between 10 Different Accounts at Once


Managing a handful of Google accounts is already tough enough, so how will being able to juggle 10 feel? Does anybody really need to check 10 Gmail accounts or 10 YouTube channels, or 10 Google Calendars simultaneously?

That's right. As stealthy as Google is, the company's multiple log-ins maxes out at 10 accounts, which is kind of mind-boggling, because somebody hit that cap, meaning somebody out there is seriously using 10 Google accounts and wanted to switch between all them at once.

To you and I, having to manage 10 Google accounts might lead to a brain overload, but to power users or businesses that rely on Google's free services to operate and track earnings through AdSense and AdWords, 10 Google accounts might not be such a crazy idea after all.

In fact, it might not even be such a terrible idea to split your Google services across multiple accounts, for easier management or separating work and personal accounts.

On the upside, if one account ever gets compromised, all your other accounts should be safe, assuming you're not silly enough to use the same password across all 10 Google accounts. You didn't, did you?

Via Google Operating System

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