Google+ Now Used For Google Jobs

Google+ is making its profiles more important than ever, by connecting the social network to Google's own jobs board. 

If one chooses to sign in with a Google+ profile and connect it to the Google jobs board, the site will allow Google+ users to see more relevant search results, star preferred jobs and receive "curated" email updates, according to the Next Web.

Now the creepy part: Google will also suggest jobs based on your profile content. This may be good for engineers and programmers, but likely not much help for the more artistic crowd, or for those who talk a lot about beer and football. (Google+ also allows users to find connections at Google, although Google does give a caveat that anyone can say they work anywhere and it's not always true.)

As we wrote earlier, Google has been rolling out Google+ to most of its properties, including YouTube, Gmail and Google Play. Google has said that using a confirmed identity causes less spam and negative reviews, which is probably like, but also gives the search titan a wealth of information to sell to advertisers.
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