Google Offered WhatsApp $10 Billion

Google offered WhatsApp $10 billion to sell, but was turned down for Facebook's $19 billion offer, according to a report.

The surprisingly brief report appeared today and said that two unnamed sources had confirmed that Google had offered the makers of WhatsApp $10 billion to buy the startup, according to Forbes. 

Google chief Larry Page met with Jan Koum, WhatsApp's chief executive to prevent the sale to Facebook, according to The Information. While Page made a plea for independence rather than joining Facebook and its board of directors, Koum apparently decided to take the heftier deal.

Both reports cite sources with knowledge of the deal, which makes use think Koum or someone from WhatsApp is spilling secrets. (The Information reporter/founder Jessica Lessin is also married to Facebook executive Samuel Lessin, too.)
It seems Facebook didn't want a repeat of Waze and was willing to make an offer that had to hurt rather than let WhatsApp slip away. With its efforts at acquiring Snapchat thwarted, it seems WhatsApp might be the only other viable option  -- and Facebook was willing to pay the $19 billion price.
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