Google to Pay Woman $2,250 for Placing Image of Her Breasts on Street View

Google was ordered to pay a Montreal woman $2,250 plus interest and court costs for photographing her and placing the images on Google Street View with her breasts partially exposed.

Although Maria Pia Grillo's face was blurred in the picture, she argued the photo showed her leaning forward while sitting on her porch and revealed a significant amount of cleavage. She said she was easily identifiable because her license plate remained unblurred in the image, according to the Telegraph (U.K.)

Grillo sued Google in 2011, asking for $45,000 in damages after "suffering mockery" from co-workers and a "loss of personal modesty and dignity." Google argued it was a picture taken from the street in a public place, but the judge decided to award Grillo $2,250 plus interest and court costs, and ordered Google to blur the house, the car and Grillo's entire image.

The photo can't be seen now, although you can see a before and after courtesy of a Montreal newspaper.

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