Google's Photovine App Shares Like Memes

Billions of photos are uploaded each week into social networks and web sites for the sole purpose of, of course, sharing. And Google's new app, Photovine, has launched. And it's pretty intriguing.

A few weeks ago Photovine appeared in the App Store, but it was kept in private beta. Made public today, the 'Vine is getting some positive buzz around how it themes the photos (aka vines) -- think photographic memes. Per it's motto: "Plant a photo, watch it grow."

Users choose from Fresh or Popular existing vines and add photos -- and these memes are open to interpretation -- things like "At My Bedside" or "City View." Users can also create new vines to share.

So a vine like "I Love SF" might get a user's attention, prompting them to add a new shot of the Tenderloin sidewalk scene -- others might lean toward a manse in Pac Heights. Either way, it's a share, and an opportunity to learn something about the poster, as well as what that person posted. notes Photovine is not in the Android Market making it "very much an iOS experiment for now."

Google subsidiary Slide developed the app. They also developed Pool Party and Disco.

We'll have a full review as soon as we edit appropriate photos for the vine, "It's About Time."

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