Google Play Birthday Offers Free Downloads

The Android Market was redubbed Google Play last year (already, you ask?)  and Google is decided to celebrate by offering free downloads for the week.

It's actual birthday is March 6 and today the site is offering a free download of "Sweet Jane" by the Velvet Underground and pilots of "Breaking Bad," "Justified" and "The Americans". It's also offering 99-cent rentals of films such as "Cosmopolis" and "Forks Over Knives." There are also $5 e-books and one free one called "A Quest of Heroes" by Morgan Rice. 

It's no less than what Amazon has done, and if Google expects to compete with the behemoth of e-commerce, it needs to show its generosity. Besides, a free pilot of "Breaking Bad" or any other addictive series is only meant to whet the appetite. The real money comes when the user sees there's several more episodes (about 122) to watch at $1.99 a pop. 

Still, no reason not to try it out, right? Just watch responsibly.

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