Google Apps May Work Better on IOS

Some Google apps work better on Apple phones than Android phones, according to a report.

Google has been launching new apps forthe Apple iOS platform, including the recently unveiled Google Play Music, and some of the iOS apps perform better, according to ZDNet. 

While the Android apps work well, and the iOS apps lack some of the abilities that Android apps do, some of the Google iOS apps, such as Google Search, works faster on the iPhone 5S. It also claims that Google+ has better functionality, and Chrome, QuickOffice, YouTube and Google Hangouts work just as well for the iPhone as for Android phones Moto X and HTC One.

Google's rollout of iOS apps has made them almost indispensible for iPhone users, likely stemming from the emergence of the Google Maps iOS app after the Apple Maps fiasco last year. Users couldn't rely on Apple's native map program, so downloaded Google's app. Since then, Google has launched several apps for iOS, many of which, such as Google Chrome have garnered many fans even those using iPhones mainly because it can be synched with other devices.

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