Google Street View Captures Naked Woman

The image of a naked woman in Miami was spotted this weekend as she stood on the porch of a home with a plastic bottle of water by Google Street View.

She's not the first naked person seen on Google Street View, but she's definitely the latest, according to the sharp-eyed Random Pixels Blog. The story was subsequently picked up by the Daily Mail (U.K.), the Smoking Gun and CNET. Last year, Google Street View captured an image of a naked British toddler in his grandmother's yard. Google later blurred the photo.

The Miami woman's photo was first reported on Friday and by Sunday, the image had been blurred to hide her nudity and identity, according to the Smoking Gun.

While many commenters took the time to berate the woman for being naked on what is likely her porch, others have pointed out that the home has hurricane shutters on the windows. That could have meant that her power and water may have been shut off, so she was taking a quick bath outside with a jug of water and wasn't an exhibitionist.

There have been many critics of Google Maps and its Street View capabilities for this kind of reason -- that it could be more of an invasion of privacy than a service. More disturbingly, in 2009, Urlesque showed the Top 10 Moments on Google Maps Street View, which showed drug deals, public urination and a teenager aiming a gun at what looks like a six-year-old.

Perhaps Google Street View does give us a glimpse of the real America, even if that means some of us will be naked.

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