Google to Expand in New York

Google plans to expand 600,000 square feet, or enough space for another 3,000 employees, in Manhattan, according to reports.

The news comes from unnamed real estate executives who have reportedly been contacted by the search giant, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Google has been talking about leasing up to 600,000 square feet, a move that would mean an 80 percent expansion of its current New York digs. Google's New York headquarters are based in Chelsea with 750,000 square feet divided among two properties, but word is that it's already reaching maximum capacity and needs to expand.

Currently the company is looking at a 16-story building on 10th Avenue and the St. John's Terminal Building at 550 Washington Street. Manhattan commercial real estate has gained from Bay Area companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo setting up offices there -- mostly to recruit engineers who don't want to leave New York or who want to work there, but startups have also started to show interest in the area.
Typically 500 employees occupy every 100,000 square feet of leased property, so the 600,000 square feet would mean 3,000 employees, the WSJ reported. Google has 7.3 million square feet in Mountain View, Calif.
While an interesting development, it's not clear if Google plans to slowly expand or just move its current employees to a new venue. It's also not clear if Google plans just to expand its New York City footprint. With the recent protests regarding Google buses and San Francisco residents, perhaps more than a few Bay Area workers will want to move to the Big Apple. 
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