Google to Launch Retail Stores

A report says that Google is starting to build brick-and-mortar retail stores in major metropolitan areas

Google is reportedly working on stand-alone retail stores and its goals it to have stores open in major cities by the end of the year.

Citing an "extremely reliable source," 9to5 Google reports that the stores will primarily be for pushing Google Nexus, Chrome and other upcoming products into customers' hands.

Apparently, there's a feeling that if users could have a hands-on experience they will be more likely to purchase them.

Google seems a little late to the game on this one, especially since both Apple and Microsoft have already figured out this part.

However, Google has been making inroads into retail by launching its Chrome Stores in Best Buys across the United States and in other stores in the United Kingdom.  However, the new stores will be different -- Google handles money directly and there will be sales targets. And the stores will be necessary when Google launches its Google Glass, so people can use and understand the tech before buying.

It's a necessary move for Google, especially when pushing $1,000 wearable computers to the general public.

The retail space will also make it easier to sell more products, from Google-branded apparel to hardware. 

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