Google to Test Internet-Providing Drones in New Mexico

Google is looking to test drones providing Internet service in the Southwest, according to reports.

Google filed for an application from the Federal  Communications Commission to test drones in New Mexico that will give users Internet service, according to Forbes. The details were limited about the project, but some of the equipment was acquired through its "purchase of Titan Aerospace earlier this year." The test site will be a spot south of Santa Fe and east of Albuquerque, N.M.

From the application: 

Google recently acquired Titan Aerospace, a firm that specializes in developing solar and electric unmanned aerial systems (“UAS”) for high altitude, long endurance flights. These systems may eventually be used to provide Internet connections in remote areas or help monitor environmental damage, such as oil spills or deforestation. The STA is needed for demonstration and testing of [REDACTED] in a carefully controlled environment.

Both Google and Facebook have been working on ways to provide more Internet service to the world, so this is just another way to do that. As for Google, the drone testing likely could also serve a dual purpose -- not just for providing Internet service but also seeing how drones respond to delivering goods for its new drone-delivery service.
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