Google Voice Search Added to IOS App

Google's ask-and-answer voice search is migrating to iOS, according to The Verge, and it's just as robust as it is on Android devices. 

Users will be able to simply speak to their iPad or iPhone and wait for the result to be spoken back. Not necessarily replacing Apple's underperforming Siri function, but ... .

The spoken results are contextual, too. Google will take into consideration the speaker's location and, like Google Now, it'll be aware of who the speaker is, interpreting pronouns to the vocal antecedent. 

"When is my flight?" will get your own flight results. 

The app should be available in the App Store in the "next couple of days," according to Google's Amit Singhai. 

Another interesting use case would be hard-wiring a house to receive spoken requests, kind of like The Jetsons or Star Trek, recognizing individual family members, their Google Calendar, Google+ and Gmail graphs, etc.

We wouldn't even have to preface our seaches by saying "Computer..." like Picard does.

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