Greater Palm Springs Restaurant Week

Choose from more than 100 desert-cool eateries and find a toothsome deal.

Cantala Restaurant

WHATEVER YOU'RE UP TO IN THE DESERT, be it a morning on the golf course, a day spent splashing in a pool (or trying not to get splashed), or an afternoon on the tram, or an evening out at a concert, you're going to need to eventually find your sunny sustenance. Even if the sun has bid goodbye for the day, and all of those famous desert stars are out, you can still call the cuisine of the Greater Palm Springs area "sunny sustenance," because the warm clime, and beautiful environs, inspire many a chef to create a cuisine that's, well, upbeat in terms of flavors, presentation, and general pizzazz. There's never a heavy-handedness to P.S. fare, though, of course, many dishes can be rib-sticking and fill-the-tum traditional. Whether you go for rib-sticking or a classic salad or something with a nouveau spin, you surely like saving some cash, which is one of the themes of the annual...

GREATER PALM SPRINGS RESTAURANT WEEK: As it does each year, this deal-flush festivity will spread out over several days in early June. The 2017 dates are Friday, June 2 through Sunday, June 11 and more than 100 eateries are on board. And by "on board" we mean doing the whole lunch special (two courses or more) and dinner special (three courses or more) thing. The menus for lunch have three price points ($15, $20, and $25), while dinner'll cost somewhere along the $29, $39, $49 nexus. What places jumping into all of this delicious revelry? Cantala at Riviera Palm Springs, Schnitzelhaus Palm Desert, Mr. Lyon's Steakhouse, 533 Viet Fusion, Stuft Pizza Bar & Grill at La Quinta, and oodles of other tempting spots. As for what's doing in the desert in late spring? Oh so much, but check it out: "Mirage," the now-famous mirror house from Desert X, remains open and visitable.

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