Grieving Mother of Toddler Who Was Fatally Stabbed Speaks Out

"God will forgive him, because people won't," Maria Rodriguez, the grieving mother of the toddler said.

The family of 3-year-old Ruby Vasquez, who was fatally stabbed in a downtown clothing factory, is speaking out for the first time since the tragedy.

"She was the baby of the house," the victim's grieving mother, Maria Rodriguez, said in Spanish. "I feel dead inside."

Vasquez was allegedly stabbed by Ricardo Utuy, 34, on Halloween after her parents, unable to find child care, took the toddler to work at a factory in the 800 block of McGarry Street.

The victim's mother saw her daughter running towards her with Utuy, a coworker of Rodriguez, closely behind with a knife.

Utuy allegedly stabbed the victim multiple times, and she later died at a hospital.

"I wonder why he didn't do it to me if I was there," the mother said.

Rodriguez speculated Utuy targeted the toddler because she would be unable to defend herself.

Utuy has pleaded not guilty to murder charges and attempted murder for a similar attack he is accused of committing in March.

Rodriguez urges anyone who has been a victim of Utuy to contact police.

"God will forgive him, because people won't," Rodriguez said.

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