Group Protests Apple Hiring Practices

A small group of people assembled outside the Apple retail store in downtown San Francisco Friday, to protest Apple's hiring practices.

Faith Bautista, president of the National Asian American Coalition said it didn't make sense to send jobs  to Asia, while so many here in the States remain unemployed.

Reverend Daniel Buford of the Prophetic Justice Ministry, read a statement from Dr. Alfred Smith Sr. of the Allen Temple Baptist Church of Oakland, stating, while Apple promotes transparency, it will not "release how many Blacks it employs or whether it does any business with Black community."

The Black Economic Council handed out flyers containing phrases like "Apple is undermining the American economy" and "Paying lower wages for American engineers while exploiting foreign workers to the point of suicide."

The employees of Apple did not appear to be threatened, and many passers-by snapped shots of the protest with their iPhones.

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