Grumpiness Leads to Productivity, Study Finds

Creativity can start from negativity, according to a new study.

Grumpiness can lead to productivity, a new study's findings suggest.

A recent study published in the Academy of Management Journal found that creativity improves when people experience negative emotions at the start of their day and shift to a more positive outlook by the end of it.

Examining 102 people, researchers discovered that people who begin their day in a negative state are more motivated to focus on solving problems than those who are in a positive state throughout the day.

"Firstly, the narrow, alert focus on issues can be useful by focusing on things that are in need of a solution and spurring motivation to act on these," The British Psychology Society explained in its Occupational Digest. "Once this focus has been set, allowing the negative emotions to slide away and positive emotions to explore the possibility space is a good recipe for getting to innovative solutions."

The study does not show when creative spurts occur, but it is important to not dismiss negativity, the researchers said. Instead, it can be used to channel creativity.

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