Hacker Comex, Fired From Apple, Goes to Google

Hacker Comex, who created JailbreakMe hacking tools for iOS devices at 19, made headlines for being hired by Apple. He was let go from Apple in 2012 for not replying to an email, and now he's going to work for Google.  
Nicholas Allegra, a.k.a. Comex, announced the news on Twitter Tuesday night, according to Forbes. “In other news, I’m going to intern for Google in a few weeks."
Other details are murky, including Allegra's age (which we think is around 21), but Allegra won't be working on Android because he also tweeted, "I don't like it enough to ever want to hack it." 
Allegra was on leave from Brown University when he went to work for Apple in 2011, shortly after his JailbreakMe success. But a year later he was "let go" for not responding to an email to extend his internship. “I wasn’t too happy about it, but it didn’t seem like I was able to fix it,” Allegra told Forbes.
Tech companies hiring hackers isn't unusual. In 2011, Facebook also hired GeoHot, another hacker responsible for hacking the Sony Playstation 3 so it could run pirated games.
Apple's loss could be Google's gain, especially since Google has a tendency to act in loco parentis to its interns and young employees -- including probably following up on employment emails.
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