Hackers Jailbreak iOS 5 in Less Than 24 Hours

What happens when you put a room full of programmers into a room with Steve Jobs and a new iOS? Less than 24 hours there is a hack available for that iOS.

A group of clever hackers has already managed to figure out how to skirt Apple's programming and re-program Apple's new iOS 5 to suit their own needs.

The jailbreak was first reported on Twitter when a user named MuscleNerd linked to some pictures showing off the handy work.

Adding credibility to the report, is the fact that MuscleNerd is a well-known member of the Apple hacking community.

The quick turnaround time does have its disadvantages though, for those who enjoy jailbreaking their iOS devices.

The jailbroken device must be tethered to a PC each time it is rebooted. The drawback is most likely only a temporary hiccup as hackers get more time to play around with the new iOS.

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