Happy 6th Birthday, YouTube

YouTube has the web's attention, to the tune of 3 billion video views -- every day. We're definitely '"broadcasting ourselves," as their fabicon intones.

Celebrating its sixth birthday today, Google's high-profile acquisition boasts that two days worth of video viewing is uploaded every minute to the site. That's some serious user-generated attention span.

As Google's official blog points out, that's the equivalent of half the world's population checking out a cat-on-a-piano vid, or enough elapsed time to watch the "Back to the Future" trilogy 8.5 times (and then they plug YouTube Movies).

From family get-togethers to documenting national revolutions, YouTube has raised its own profile and its top-of-mind penetration into users' lives.

Google recently announced that YouTube would really start pushing live streams of music festivals, other performances that will only boost the time spent on the site.

They're shooting for 72 hours of vids every minute and 4 billion daily views.

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