Hayley Atwell, Alexa Davalos and Rosamund Pike Take Aim at Tom Cruise’s “One Shot”


Show of hands--who wants to star opposite Tom Cruise in a big budget action thriller?

Hayley Atwell, Rosamund Pike, and Alexa Davalos are in the running to co-star alongside Cruise in "One Shot," according to The Hollywood Reporter. The film is an adaptation of the Lee Childs novel featuring Jack Reacher, an ex military cop who tries hard to stay off the government's radar.

Here's the synopsis from Childs' website:

A lone gunman hides in a parking garage and shoots into a crowd in a public plaza in a small Indiana city. Five random people die in a senseless massacre. The shooter leaves a perfect trail behind him and the police quickly track him down. His name is James Barr. It's a watertight case. After his arrest, James Barr refuses to talk. Then, to his lawyer, he utters a single phrase: "Get Jack Reacher for me." But Reacher's already on his way. What could connect this obvious psychopath with our wandering ex-army cop?

Brit Marling, who took Sundance by storm this past year by starring in and co-writing both "Another Earth" and "The Sound of My Voice," recently passed on the role, opening the way for Atwell, Pike and Davalos.

Atwell made quite an impression in "Captain America" as our hero's love interest, Peggy Carter, and Pike is a former Bond Girl who's given great performances in both "An Education" and "Barney's Version." Davalos we're less familiar with, we saw her in "Clash of the Titans," but the film was such a mess, it's hardly her fault she didn't register--curiously, she's been replaced by Pike in "Clash 2."

Childs is on record as saying he wasn't exactly thrilled with the choice of Cruise, let's hope he's happier with one of these women.

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