The Dangerous Heartbleed Bug

Security researchers found a serious security glitch in OpenSSL, the cryptographic software library that protects websites, according to reports.
OpenSSL is a way to create SSL and TLS, what's used to provide security for most of the Web, according to TechCrunch. However a glitch was found in OpenSSL that has been around for at least two years which allows anyone on the Internet to find names, passwords and any other content (think credit card numbers) on a "secure" website, Lifehacker reported.
Not all sites are using OpenSSL, but it's likely that more than 66 percent of the Web does. Unfortunately, the problem lies with the sites and not the users or consumers.
Consumers now must wait until their favorite sites update their security. Until then, most are advising users or consumers to wait for confirmation of the security updates before changing passwords on the sites.
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