Higher Ed? “Jersey Shore” Actor Delivers Lecture at Columbia

Vinny Guadagnino speaks on anti-bullying

The Ivy Tower at Columbia University ain't what it used to be.

Vinny Guadagnino of MTV's "Jersey Shore" delivered a guest lectured at the hallowed school last week, prompting one student to ask the reality TV star, ""What gives you, as a cast member of "Jersey Shore," the right to interrupt this class and then lecture us on setting a good example?"

Guadagnino's heart was likely in the right place. He addressed students in a sociology class titled "Mistake, Misconduct, Disaster." According to Gothamist, he was invited by a student who is an intern with the anti-bullying "Do Something" organization.

Guadagnino didn't offer up much of a defense for his presence, but he later tweeted. "Just spoke to a class at Columbia University on behalf of@dosomething about #antibullying. Shocked?"

For anyone keeping score, tuition at Columbia is $21,544, not including room and board.

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