New “Hop” Clip Redefines Teaser

Just days after the poster arrived, we now have the first teaser from "Hop" -- and, man, is it not helpful.

The clip features a speechless bunny, presumably the film's hero, setting up a drum kit and then playing along to Blur's classic anthem, "Song 2," for about 40 seconds. That's it.

There's no plot. There's no voice. There's only one character. Hell, even the backdrop is empty white space.

How excited are we supposed to get about a bunny in a flannel shirt playing along to a song that most folks associate with sporting arenas? And the song is only 2:13 -- why not use the whole thing? In fact, here, enjoy it in its entirety:

We like a lot of people involved in this film -- Brand, James Marsden, Chelsea Handler, Elizabeth Perkins -- and we're sure to see more of it before its April 1 release, but we can't help but wonder why studios put out stuff like this.

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