Heather Navarro

Horse Rescued After Becoming Trapped in Orange County Ditch

A horse managed to climb back to safety after becoming trapped in a boulder-filled drainage ditch in Orange County Wednesday.

"The horse and the owner appear to be doing fine," Orange City Fire Department Capt. Ian MacDonald said. 

Metro Net Fire Authority and Orange City Fire Authority received a call about the trapped animal in Santiago Oaks Regional Park north of 2145 N. Winds Drive at 1 p.m.

The skittish horse climbed unassisted by 2:35 p.m.

The horse appeared to be in good health, and its owner very glad to have the beast out of the ditch safely. 

Firefighters considered hoisting the horse with a helicopter, but fortunately the horse climbed out on its own.

A veterinarian responded to the drainage ditch to assess the animal. 

MacDonald said it was a fortunate outcome, as many times during rescueshorses become frightened and hurt themselves. 

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