Hot in Cleveland and Everywhere, Betty White Keeps Rolling

If there were ever doubts that this 88-year-old Betty White character was just a flash in the pan, they're gone for good.

White's new TV Land sitcom has been picked up for a second season, and it was more than just your average pick-up. TV Land went in whole hog  ordering 20 episodes. This is double the number of season one.

"We are so excited that 'Hot in Cleveland' was embraced by viewers in such a big way," said Larry W. Jones, president said on the TV Land website.

And in case there was any thought that White would slow down or reduce her role -- fear not. The website insists stars Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves, Wendie Malick and White will return as "series regulars for all 20 episodes." The woman knows only one speed. She proved that by appearing on every skit for "Saturday Night Live."

The world was just looking for a steady way to show White the adulation she deserves on a regular basis. TV Land's show is pretty much average sitcom fare -- except when you add the fact that Betty White is in it. Suddenly it makes it all watchable.

Likewise, White's audience has shown a loyalty that you just have to admire. Are you listening Oscar planners? The next Facebook campaign is coming your way.

"Hot in Cleveland" debuted last month to staggering numbers for a cable show. According to the show's website, the June 16 debut made it "the highest-rated and most-watched show in all of cable."

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