Hotel del Celebrates “Vowentine’s Day”

Join a large renewal and wedding ceremony in the historic Crown Room.

Hotel del Coronado

HEARD THE RUMOR? A wisp of information might have passed through your ether once or twice before and it is this: The Hotel del Coronado has seen a wedding or two as well as some proposals and engagements announcements. Heard the word on that? Of course you have, and of course we're employing extreme understatement to pack a bit of a humorous punch: The landmark, beach-close resort is one of the state's premiere, ultimate, and dream-spot places in which to go down on bended knee or toss a bouquet. Brides and grooms have secured their own nuptial knots there for decades -- make that centuries -- and a number of will-you-marry-mes have taken place on the beach near the turret-topped hotel at dusk. Thus the chance to enjoy a vow renewal or wedding ceremony is something that lingers deep with in the romance-loving Californian's being, though many might think such a dream might never come to pass. It can, and there's a fun, big-party twist to it, and it is all happening under the famous crown chandeliers in the hotel's known-far-and-wide Crown Room. (We're not even talking-up the "far and wide" part -- author L. Frank Baum of "Wizard of Oz" fame designed the whimsical lighting implements.) So what's this dream event called and when does it happen? Well, the "when" is Valentine's Day and the name is...

VOWENTINE'S DAY: You got it, and you can guess what'll happen in that spacious space: Couples will renew their vows of love to each other. And lo and behold: Wedding ceremonies will play a part of the proceedings, too. Call it a large-scale celebration, one that loved ones may attend (be they over 16 and buy a $150 ticket). As for the package price? It's $400, and that includes a boutonniere, bouquet, three-course meal and wedding cake, live tunes, and, you betcha, a wedding photo (5x7, in case you're wondering if this is for your desk or over the mantelpiece -- it's for your desk). Is there a stay-over package available, too, to keep the warm feelings in the air? You bet. Will it be fun to tell people you're vow-renewing at such a stately hotel? For sure, especially because just about everyone knows it. Will it be pretty lively with a bunch of twosomes locking lips and crying and dancing in the Crown Room? Oh yeah, we're feeling the good vibes ahead of time. For details and such, throw your bouquet this way, lovers.

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