How Much Is Your Amazon Account Worth to You?

"If won't contribute to California, then we won't contribute to Amazon," said Jessica Lehman. 

Lehman represents Community Resources for Independent Living - one of several nonprofit groups calling on customers of to cancel their accounts unless the Internet retailer stops resisting a California law that requires more online retailers to charge a state sales tax.

In June California lawmakers approved a measure to expand collection of California sales tax to more Internet retailers, estimating it would bring in at least $200 million a year. Inc. is activiely trying to repeal that law. So far, the online retailer has spent $3 million in its efforts to allow voters to decide.

The law makes online retailers collect California sales taxes by expanding what it means to have a physical presence in the state. The requirement now kicks in if an online retailer has a related company, such as a marketing arm, or affiliates in California.

The tax revenue that Amazon could collect could restore home assistance for disabled Californians that help them go to work rather than languish in expensive nursing homes Lehman told the Associated Press.

Other groups calling for the boycott included the California Alliance for Retired Americans, the Health and Human Services Network of California and Parent Voices.

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