Hugh Hefner: Playboy Mansion No Dump

Hugh Hefner is fighting back against charges from a former Playboy bunny that his famed mansion is a dump where dogs do their business on the floor.

The pajama-wearing octagenarian, who just got engaged to 24-year-old Crystal Harris, blasted claims by Izabella St. James in her new book, "Bunny Tales: Behind Closed Doors at the Playboy Mansion." In the tome, St. James describes Hefner as a cheapskate who let his dogs poop on the carpet, gobbled Viagra and “lay there like a dead fish” during sex. Excerpts of the book ran in last weekend's London Daily Mail.

“It sounds horrible,” Hefner told The Daily Beast's Lloyd Grove. But the porn king says St. James wrote the book several years ago and that it is only being published to spoil his pending nuptials.

“Quite simply, Izabella—and her name is not St. James; her name is Polish, it’s Kasprzyk—was one of a number of girls that I dated and lived at the house in the early part of 2001,” Hefner said. “Despite what she writes, she didn’t leave of her own volition. She left because she was asked to leave because she didn’t get along with some of the other girls. She was in conflict with some of the nicer girls like Holly and Bridget [Marquardt, along with Kendra Wilkinson, and I kind of cleaned house.”

Hefner did not dispute some of St. James' charges. He said he does pass out $1,000 weekly "allowances" to his harem, so they can buy clothes. He does indeed impose a 9 p.m. curfew on them "so they wouldn't be running around on me."

Hefner has been married twice before and even seemed surprised himself when he got engaged for a third time.

"I did not find frankly in marriage the romantic connection I was looking for so I really was not anticipating a marriage again," the 84-year-old Playboy founder told E! Online. "I'm essentially a romantic, and love is what it's all about, and marriage is not always consistent with romance."

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