Hugh Jackman's Unique Casting Approach For “Reel Steel”

Casting calls usually happen in nondescript offices, but Hugh Jackman and director Shawn Levy are taking a non-traditional approach to finding a crucial addition for the upcoming film "Reel Steel."

The duo, who have already started work on the sci-fi flick about boxing robots, are still on the hunt for an actor with the right chops (and
looks) to play Jackman’s 11-year old son. In keeping with the futuristic bent of their film, Jackman and Levy are harnessing the
power of the Internet in the 21st century version of discovering the next star. Interested candidates can apply on the film's website

In a video plea that aired on NBC's "Access Hollywood" on Wednesday, the Australian actor had one pearl of wisdom to bestow on hopefuls.

“If you’re over 25, don’t bother,” he quipped. Levy agreed adding, “It’s probably a stretch.”

The film, which is being produced with a rumored $80 million budget by DreamWorks, will be shot in Michigan. Jackman plays an ex-fighter who becomes a boxing promoter.

After humans are outlawed from the sport, 2,000-pound robots with human qualities step into the ring. Jackman happens on a discarded robot that may just have a heart of a winner and also discovers a son he never knew he had.

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