‘If I Die' Facebook App Lets You Post From The Grave

You can leave your last words if the unfortunate happens

 We never know when the Grim Reaper will catch up to us, and when he does, how will be able to update our Facebook status?

One company has the solution with an app called "If I Die."

The app lets you record your final thoughts in a video, and then choose three "trustees" to are in charge with verifying you are actually dead. The video is then posted as your final update.

According to Mashable, Wilook, the Israel-based company behind the app says, 

“We all have things to say and don’t necessarily have the audience with the patience to hear us” 

CEO Eran Alfonta said he got the idea after friends of his nearly died in a car accident.

“They stopped aside and drank water and relaxed and started speaking between themselves: ‘Oh my god, what would happen to the kids if something happened to me?’”

This is a pretty great idea, so long as it doesn't misfire, or your three trusted friends don't get together and decide to say you're dead. 

The video below explains the app. 

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