Increased Number of Alcohol Related Deaths on the Road During Thanksgiving: Report

Triple A is projecting the highest number of people since 2007 will be traveling this Thanksgiving holiday.

An estimated 3.6 million people are expected to making a trip to see loved ones or take a vacation. Of them, 3.1 million people are expected to drive, according to Triple A.

“I love being with family,” said Kristine Doan. She told NBC 7 that she was making a drive on Thanksgiving Day to see her family.

But making the holiday trip is proving to be increasingly more dangerous for travelers on the road.

Triple A and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D.) said Thanksgiving has taken over New Year's Eve for the highest number of alcohol related driving deaths.

“When you have more than one or two drinks and you have that heavy food and hit the road, then that's a recipe for disaster. And then the young people coming home for Thanksgiving drink to excess," said John Townsend, a spokesman for Triple A.

More than 400 people die in alcohol or drug-related crashes each year over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, according to Triple A and M.A.A.D.

"I hadn’t thought about it until you said that," Doan told NBC 7, when she heard of the alarming number. "But we have children and I should think about that."

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