Innovative iOS Design Coming From Outside of Apple

New developers are creating a new look for iOS apps, and they're not coming from Apple

Google impressed iPhone users with its Google Maps, Gmail and YouTube applications for iOS, while other developers are confident in manipulating the Apple look to better their apps. It seems to indicate that the most innovative iOS design is coming from outside of Apple's headquarters.

This is a surprising turn of events for a very stylish brand, but after several years on the iOS platform, designers want to stand out and not "fit in," according to GigaOm.

"People need to distinguish themselves and their brands," Daniel Raffei, developer of the Snapguide app told GigaOm. "(The downside is) it just takes a lot of work."
That means that only those who are amazing developers or have loads of people in a development team can design differently and well. This could mean creating ultra-simple to complicated graphics that stretch the iOS limit.
Many developers blame it on the skeuomorphic design of its software which boxes developers into a certain kind of interface, one that is no longer needed because more digital consumers are savvy enough to navigate the technology without "training wheels." But Jobs loved skeuomorphic torn pages and simulated spiral notebooks, which led to a bit of a conflict over the iOS look from design chief Jonathan Ive. With Jobs gone, Ive could make the changes needed, but it's unlikely they will happen quickly.
Until then, however, Apple will see its newest and most interesting iOS interface from outside developers. This leads us to believe that Apple should create an innovative branch for apps or start taking over all these newer, stylish companies.
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