Android Users: Get Your Instagram App First

The Android Instagram app has been in the works for months and its launch is imminent, at least if you believe Instagram's latest stunt -- a website asking the question, "Want to be first in line for Instagram on Android?" and letting users type an email address so they can be notified first when the app launches.

While some call this a registration for a beta release (the Next Web) we're not willing to call it anything that fancy or hype something just for the heck of it. The simple inputting of one's email address could also easily mean a mass message suggesting that everyone head to Google Play/Android Market and download it or a similar link.

And yes, we know that Instagram's founder Kevin Systrom talked up the Android version of app at SXSW and even showed off a prototype. But even by our math, a prototype in mid-March would still mean a beta release probably closer to mid-to-late April. So, if you're an Android user you can sign up with Instagram and hope for hipster photos by Memorial Day weekend.

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