Instagram Goes Android

Instagram, the popular photo-sharing application, isn't just for iPhone anymore. Now the app's founder is looking to tackle a new market -- the Android Market.

The iOS app has 15 million users and co-founder Kevin Systrom told a crowd at Le Web '11 in Paris that he has two of the company's 10 employees working on the Android app, the Next Web reported.

The Instagram app has been an object of envy for many Android users who use similar, existing photo apps, but never the real thing. It also seems to lay to rest the idea that developers only want to work with the iOS and that the Android Market is "full of rubbish."

"Every handset is different, and you spend an age trying to bugfix," Laith Clark, a developer at TapMob told the BBC. "Apple's App Store is nicely organized - it's a nice marketing environment. On Android Market, things are difficult to find and you're competing for space with a lot of rubbish."

Clark also hinted that Android users are cheap, another reason he and his team don't develop for the platform. But perhaps now that the iconic app Instagram is aboard the Android train more iOS developers will follow suit.

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