Instagram's Hyperlapse App Goes Viral

Instagram launched a new video editing application, Hyperlapse, that lets users take time lapse videos, this week and it's now going viral.

Previously people would have to set up cameras for hours on a tripod to get the time lapsed photography associated with quickly moving crowds, clouds or weather changes but now they can do all that with just an iPhone, according to USA Today. Hyperlapse also stabilizes images so users don't get the herky-jerky look of previous time lapse software. Instead, the video moves smoothly and almost seamlessly. (However if you do want the sweeping clouds or rising sun, you will likely still use a tripod unless you want to stand still outside for several hours holding your iPhone.)

The downside is that so far the app is only available on iOS -- the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It's likely Android is coming soon, but so far there's been no launch date announced.  Also, the sound is similarly sped up and sounds like a high-pitched whine, so you will need to add your own soundtrack or music.
The app is opened and users can start recording immediately up to 45 minutes at a time. Most of the videos tend to only be a few minutes long and when sped up are even shorter. In essence, the app works as another filter and likely could have been offered as part of Instagram's built-ins, but parent company Facebook has been working hard to create standalone apps. This one has gotten tremendous buzz (including appearing on the Today show) which helps the social network in solidifying its place in mobile. We're sure the ads will come later, too.
Here's a look at some of the more interesting Hyperlapse videos: a very quick tour of the White House, a practice run at the racetrack by Jeff Gordon and Internet celebrity iJustine running amok.
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