IPad 3 to Have Hi-Def Screen: Rumor

You have to hand it to Apple expert, blogger and all-around plugged-in-guy John Gruber: the man knows how to bury a lead.

In a post about how print editors still just don't get that digital editions are the future, Gruber drops the rumor knowledge that iPad 3 will have Apple's hi-def retina display (should 'retina' be capitalized? Is it a trademark?).

Of course, Gruber did not mention if the iPad 3's screen precludes an iPad 2 HD version (just in time for the holidays, most likely).

Given Apple's stunning revenue report and the fact that tablets have eaten into 11% more of the desktop market, the Big A is staying ahead of the competition with each iteration, so why slow down the dominance now, right?

From Gruber's Daring Fireballs blog:

Resolution independence: These magazines and newspapers that render each 'page' as a static 1024 x 768 image are going to look like utter ass on the iPad 3's 2048 x 1536 retina display. Plus, it's the fact that these pages are rendered as static images that makes the issues such gargantuan downloads.

Bonus points for getting "utter ass" in reference to legacy-media thinking.

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