IPhone 4S a Sales Record Breaker

One million iPhone 4S units sold on its first day. And then sales grew even more, per day, through the weekend, meaning 4 million units were sold in three days.

The iconic device's demise, anticipated by some last week, is greatly exaggerated.

The new iOS is faring well, too, with Apple reporting 25 million users now rocking the operating system.

The first iPhone 4 was exclusive to AT&T for a period, and then migrated to Verizon, as well. This version adds Sprint as a carrier. 

Apple intends to roll out the phone in 22 more countries by Halloween, too.

The company didn't give the device a facelift, but it amped up the guts signifcantly. With faster dual-core processors, upgraded cameras and better video -- not to mention the hypnotizing voice-activation software, Siri.

The new array of carriers and models of the phone means Apple can move up and down the consumer chain, with options for late- as well as early-adopters, and of varying income levels.

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