iPhone 5 on 9/7; New Galaxy A Week Earlier

With the markets doing their best Six Flags impression, the buzz and rumors around new smartphones and the battle between Apple and Samsung are somewhat muted. Somewhat.

A Japanese rumor site, that MacRumors says is accurate, called Kodawarisan has pinned Sept. 7 as the day the new iPhone 5 is revealed. They're calling it a "big media event." (Aren't they all?) The date does coincide with past Apple events that have launched iPod iterations.

Meanwhile, back at Samsung -- they of the 'Wars of the Patents' with Apple -- the new Galaxy S II will be revealed on August 29, possibly taking some wind out of Apple's sales, er, sails.

The new Galaxy S is the most powerful Android model out there, specifically toe-to-toe with what's anticipated for iPhone 5.(Btw, Sprint is rumored to have landed the iPhone 5, as well.)

If our 401(k) holds out, maybe a wanting nation will turn its lonely eyes to a new handheld just one more time before the holiday shopping season.

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