Top Five Rumors About the iPhone 5

The Internet rumor mill has been churning about the new iPhone -- but will it be an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5G? --so we decided to come up with a look at the most prevalent rumors.

1. Curved glass

It's amazing that seemingly unexciting things become exciting if it's on the new iPhone. Take a curved-glass screen for instance -- I guarantee one fanboy blogger will squee about it. The rumored curved glass stems from a report from the often inaccurate DigiTimes that said Apple bought glass cutting equipment. Speculation is that the new iPhone may have the curved glass of a Nexus S or iPod Nano.

2. Coming Thanksgiving? Fall? September? June?

Few people know when the new iPhone will launch, but that doesn't stop speculation. Today we had a report that at least some analysts are expecting product next month, but last week we had more speculation that it would be out by Thanksgiving. A large contingent are betting on September, but others say next year. We believe the most probable date is probably the latest one.

3. The 3:4 Screen

The next rumor is that the new iPhone will have an iPad ratio screen -- which is 3:4 instead of the usual iPhone's 2:3. That means a slightly wider display so that perhaps all iOS devices can boast the same kind of visual experience.

4. No LTE

Verizon executive Fran Shammo said last week that the new iPhone wouldn't have LTE, but will have GSM and CDMA chipsets.

5. Augmented Reality

This rumor has the least bit of verification behind it. Apparently the rumor is that Apple will be tossing out Qualcomm's Snapdragon CPU for its newest Augmented Reality. We watched the video, but it seemed to create more questions than answers.

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