Is Google+ Going to Die?

When it was revealed this week that Google+ chief Vic Gundotra was leaving Google, some began thinking that may be the beginning of the end for Google's social network, according to reports.

Google+ will "no longer be considered a product but a platform," unnamed sources revealed to TechCrunch. It will no longer compete with Facebook or Twitter but instead have most of its services geared toward the Android platform.

Although Google denies this, TechCrunch stands besides its secret sources.

Once Facebook acquired Whatsapp, that seemed to be the last nail in the coffin of Google+. That's the moment when Google knew it had missed out on the ephemeral social aspect of the social network and decided on phasing out Google+.

If the report is accurate, this means that all of Google+'s features and services, such as Hangouts and Google+ photos, will still be made available for Android users -- likely on the device's camera. So, while Google+ may disappear, its features will still be available for Android users.

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