It Would Appear Russell Brand Hops Aboard Batmobile for “Arthur” Remake

The Batmobile was prowling the streets of Gotham once again yesterday.

A "Batman Forever" Batmobile was spotted on Pearl Street in Lower Manhattan by Jocelyn Davis, who snapped a few pics and sent them into Cinematical. Among the photos was a pic of the permit identifying the location as being for the film "Arthur."

Russell Brand is taking the title role in the remake of the 1981 Dudley Moore comedy about a besotted playboy who risks losing his inheritance when he falls for a commoner.

It would seem that among the frivolous toys in Arthur's collection is the famed Batmobile. It's hard to imagine what else it would be doing -- maybe it's Brand's personal car?

Joining Brand are Helen Mirren as his butler, a role that won Sir John Gielgud his only Oscar; Greta Gerwig ("Greenberg") taking over for Liza Minelli as the object of Arthur's affection; Nick Nolte will play her father; and Jennifer Garner steps in for Jill Eikenberry as the woman Arthur is expected to marry.

The script is by Peter Baynham, who has worked extensively with both Sacha Baron Cohen and Steve Coogan, and the film is being directed by Jason Miner, who landed the gig on the strength of his work on "Modern Family."

A lot of folks were up in arms when this project was first announced, but the original "Arthur" hardly merits sacred cow status and the talent surrounding this remake is excellent.

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